With the release of SAKURA IN GAMELAND now behind me I've felt like I wanted to try something else, so I have decided to put the development of any future games on hold for a while and focus on another creative interest of mine, filmmaking.

I won't bore you with the details of how long I have had an interest in filmmaking but it has been a lot longer than my interest in game development.
So over the past few months I have been using my spare time to watch a wide range of Youtube channels ( CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST ) to help improve my capabilities, it's true that you only get better at something by practicing so I have also been working on a short horror film, I have been working on it completely on my own and I must admit that I have had a blast, I look forward to being able to put it out in the next few weeks and I hope everyone will atleast find some enjoyment in seeing it.